Szijjarto: Hungarian-American relations are improving

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo visited Budapest

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto and Prime Minister Viktor Orban held talks with US State Secretary Mike Pompeo in Budapest on Monday.

At their joint press conference with Pompeo, Szijjarto stressed that political relations have begun to improve since Donald Trump came into office. He said both governments practice patriotic politics in which national interests come first, both rejected the UN Global Compact for Migration and both want to protect Christian communities worldwide.

Regarding Ukraine, Szijjarto said that because of the Hungarians living in Transcarpathia the situation in Ukraine cannot be viewed as a geopolitical issue. "Hungary share of trade flow between the EU and China is 1.2 percent, and it is hypocritical to criticise Hungary for maintaining close relations with Russia, while business deals are being closed between Western Europe and Russia”, he also said, according to Kormany.hu. “Hungary cooperation with China or Russia does not influence the fact that the country is a dependable ally in NATO” he added.

With relation to the defence cooperation agreement concluded between the two countries, Szijjarto said that the treaty has to be modernised and the relevant negotiations have been concluded.

“Central Europe is in a one-sidedly dependent situation with respect to Russia with regard to energy procurement, despite the fact that we have done everything possible and realised all of the necessary infrastructure projects to enable us to purchase gas from other sources”, he stated.

Mike Pompeo said that the United States aimed to deepen relations with Hungary. Commenting on the situation in Ukraine, he said Russian President Vladimir Putin must not be allowed “to drive a wedge between our friends and NATO”. The secretary of state also criticised China and expressed wariness of its attempts to create a bridgehead in Europe, MTI reports. Commenting on the issue of diversifying Hungary’s gas acquisition, he said this was a matter of national security.

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