Letter to Viktor Orban

Brexit: „Please support the majority view”

In a letter disclosed to our newspaper, British MEP Janice Atkinson, vice-chair of the European Parliament’s Europe of Freedom and Democracy (ENF) group asks Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to vote against the extension of Article 50.

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing as a British Brexit MEP in asking for your support to block Article 50 being extended at this week’s Council meeting. You will understand the intransigence of Juncker, Barnier, Tusk, Verhofstadt and the socialists who are all against the democratic will of the people. Indeed, you and your country are under attack from the EU political elite, so are the British people who voted for Brexit.

I know you tried to persuade us to stay in the EU but we voted against. Please support the majority view.

On March 13, British lawmakers voted in favour on the motion rejecting a no deal Brexit. The vote to rule out a no deal Brexit, however, is not binding. Under UK law the UK will still leave without a deal come 29 March.

Although the British people have unequivocally voted to leave the EU, our governing class has for more than two and a half years failed to deliver and in fact actively hindered the UK from leaving the EU.

The vote that took place on 14 March, ended up in requesting the EU for an extension of Article 50. It fits the familiar pattern of delaying tactics, with a serious risk of yet another referendum, or no Brexit at all.

It would be the worst betrayal of the British people in modern history. I therefore do not want and extension of Article 50, nor do the British people.

It is in the interest of all, both the UK and nations across Europe, to put an end to this ordeal and make the UK Brexit, as was mandated by the British people.

The motion passed in the House of Commons, the ball is in the court of the EU. It is expected to be on top pf the agenda of the next Council meeting 21-22 March. As any Article 50 extension requires unanimous approval from the EU, it requires just one Member State to block the British request. Hungary may be this nation.

I therefore ask your urgent attention to this matter. If the Hungarian government rejects the British request for an extension, you will have helped achieve what the British establishment has failed to deliver for years: Brexit.

Please accept my most distinguished regards,

Janice Atkinson

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