Gulyas: Hungary insists on its right to border protection

The minister rejected the Sargentini Report

Speaking at his weekly press conference, Gergely Gulyas, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office highlighted that border protection is an issue of sovereignty, and Hungary insists on fulfilling this duty, reports.

"The protection of the borders is a national and EU obligation. It is an obligation not only under national laws, but also under the Schengen Agreement. This, however, does not change the fact that this duty must be performed by Hungary and the other countries, not by some EU authority," he explained.

Regarding the Sargentini report, he argued that it was evidently a witch-hunt “disguised in a political gown” due to our different view on migration. Hungary believes that the way in which the report was adopted is unacceptable and will therefore turn to the court of the European Union, he pointed out. He added that the government is always open to dialogue, and is happy to provide information.

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