As much support as possible

“The Hungarian family policy system has become a point and basis of reference”, the Ministry of Human Capacities’ Minister of State for Family and Youth Policy Katalin Novak told M1.

Participants of the World Congress of Families in Verona were interested in finding out how the Hungarian government had created the financial means for the various support schemes, Katalin Novak said, according to Kormany.hu. “We replied that its foundations were created by the diligence of the Hungarian people, since the unemployment rate of over 11 percent has been successfully reduced to just 3.5 percent, and there are almost one million more people working now than when the government took office”, she added.

She recalled that on Monday the National Assembly had voted to adopt four points of the Family Protection Acton Plan, which will be coming into force on 1 July. “In Hungary, we would like to provide as many support systems as possible for people preparing to have children, people who are raising children, and families with one and two parents alike”.

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